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Who We Are

Welcome to Clean Air Central Vac, a professional installer of the Vacuflo Central Vacuum Systems and the Vacuflo Vroom!

Clean Air Central Vac is dedicated to providing its customers with fast and professional installations, focusing on the quality and performance of our central vacuum products.

Cyclonic Filtration is a superior way to clean!

Cyclonic Separation starts the moment vacuumed dirt enters the power unit from the intake. As the dirt-laden air begins a downward descent, it spirals along the inside of the unit, picking up speed and forcing 96-98% of the vacuumed dirt into the dirt canister. The remaining dirt particles are pulled upward with the airflow and disposed of. As is illustrated by the graph to the right, our True Cyclonic® and Filtered Cyclonic® systems are far superior to standard filtered central vacuum systems.

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Why Central Vac?

Central Vac systems are better for our health!

The advantages of a professionally installed central vacuum system substantially outnumber those of a typical household vacuum cleaner.  The University of California Davis study is just one of the many organizations and scholarly studies that show that a central vacuum system goes a long way in eliminating the microscopic dirt that causes us discomfort and makes us sick. Eliminating that household dirt can reduce the risk of allergies, sneezing, asthma, watery eyes, coughing, dizziness, shortness of breath, lethargy, and even digestive problems. Our vacuum systems use Cyclonic Filtration Technology, which has been proven through independent studies to remove dirt more efficiently than other central vacuum technologies. The filtration method of Cyclonic Separation delivers the highest sustained cleaning performance because the dirt is removed from the airflow without the restriction of a filter.


Our Values

Dedication to excellent service

Clean Air Central Vac is a freindly, small family owned business. We pride ourselves in our dedication to customer service. It is our policy to take the time to learn about the unique needs and wishes of each of our customers so that we can help them to find the best possible cleaning solutions for their home. We have an exceptional record of 8 years of service in the Reading area and look forward to many more.